investigations services bureau with black background

Division Phone Number Email
Person Crimes: (806) 775-2410
Property Crimes: (806) 775-2769
Juvenile Crimes: (806) 775-2788
Special Operations: (806) 775-2859

The Investigations Services Bureau includes Person Crimes, Property Crimes, Juvenile, Identification, and Special Operations.

The Investigations Services Bureau serves and protects the health, safety, welfare and morals of the public by conducting criminal investigations and enforcing laws governing public health, order, and decency.

  • The Person Crimes Section investigates violence against individuals, including assault, kidnapping, homicide, sexual assault, threats, robbery, and harassment.
  • The Property Crimes Section investigates crimes involving property, to include burglary, theft, auto theft, criminal mischief, and forgery.
  • The Juvenile Crimes Section investigates both person and property crimes if the victim or suspect is a juvenile.
  • The Identification Section gathers and processes evidence at major crime scenes. They also process evidence turned in by officers, perform fingerprint analysis, and Automated Fingerprint Identification System checks.
  • The Special Operations Section has several different sections which include the Narcotics Unit, Gang Unit, and Vice.