field services bureau with a  black background

The Field Services Bureau maintains social order through enforcement of laws, timely response to calls for service, preliminary investigation of criminal offenses, apprehension of offenders, enforcement of traffic and parking laws, furtherance of crime prevention efforts through interaction with citizens, and a deterrent presence.

The Field Services Bureau is the largest division of the Lubbock Police Department. It includes Accident Investigation, Bicycle Patrol, the K-9 Unit, Motor Unit, Mounted Patrol, Parking Control and Public Service Officer, along with four Patrol shifts.

K-9 Unit:                  k9
The Lubbock Police Department purchases dogs that are fully trained in search, apprehension, officer protection, and either narcotics or bomb detection. These are socialized dogs that become aggressive only on command, allowing them to safely work around other officers and citizens.

Traffic Motors:

motorUnitThis is a specially-skilled unit whose primary function is traffic enforcement with the added responsibility of funeral and dignitary escort. Officers are proficient with both Doppler and laser radar. Officers qualify through a basic motor officer school, train monthly and re-qualify annually. They work independently and are expected to aggressively enforce traffic laws.

Mounted Patrol:                  mounted patrol

Closely related to the Patrol Division, is the Administration Division Mounted Unit. This is a voluntary part-time unit used for special events, crowd control, and directed patrol. The Mounted Unit is most useful when high-profile police presence is required. Officers train monthly, and each officer must successfully complete a weeklong school by a nationally recognized horse trainer and riding clinician. The horses are trained to perform in high-stress environments and to negotiate obstacles.

Bike Patrol:

bike Patrol The Bike Patrol Unit is a voluntary part-time unit whose officers pass a police bike certification course. Bike officers are more accessible to the public without cars forming a barrier between officers and citizens. Bike officers have the "stealth" advantage of riding into a crime scene unnoticed. Bike Patrol is also used for special events where the bikes' maneuverability and speed are assets in areas crowded with high volumes of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Public Service Officers:

These are civilian staff trained to prepare basic police reports that do not require the response of a commissioned police officer. Public Service Officer's staff the police desk and take reports from citizens who come to the Police Department as well as those who telephone. This unit frees commissioned officers from many routine reports and allows them to concentrate on more serious or complicated investigations and responses.

Accident Investigation:

Accident Investigation officers investigate fatal or potentially fatal traffic collisions and follow up on hit and run accidents. This unit is staffed by a combination of officers assigned full-time to the Accident Investigation Office and those who work full-time as Patrol shift officers but respond as needed to serious collisions. All are specially trained to calculate the different forces and reactions associated with collisions.