Neighborhood Watch looking out for each other

The purpose of a Neighborhood Watch Group is to establish a program of mutual assistance by getting to know your neighbors and reporting suspicious activity to the police as well as each other. By doing this, you can implement a crime prevention program that can help deter criminal activity and make your neighborhood a better place overall.  In other words, the goal is to get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other.

How to start a Neighborhood Watch:

Register A Neighborhood Watch Group:

(A small neighborhood group of 5 or more members who trust and look out for each other.)

Neighborhood Watch Group

Have you downloaded the Neighborhood Watch information and had your first meeting to discuss/form your group.

Register A Neighborhood Association:
(A Large Neighborhood Association of 25 or more active individual members or 2 or more support organizations representing multiple residents within a large geographical area.  The member organizations of a Neighborhood Association might include multiple neighborhood watch groups, civic organizations, churches, volunteer service groups, schools, community partners, organizers, businesses, or other local community oriented groups.  Basically, a larger coalition of groups or organizations that represents a larger geographical area as a whole, has an organizational structure, and represents the community where they are based.)

Neighborhood Association

Please list the names of all member organizations within the Association including organization leaders and phone numbers:
Please upload the names of each Association member, their position, and their contact information.

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