Community Development In-House Programs

Inquiries for program services or information for future Open Enrollments may be obtained via email at Please include your name, phone number and a detailed description of your request.

Minor Rehab Program

This program is designed to assist eligible homeowners with specific repairs to their homes focusing primarily on safety and health issues. This is a grant program so there is no payback for qualified participants. Open Enrollment periods are twice a year in October and April.

Major Rehab Loan Program

This program is designed to assist eligible homeowners in obtaining major repairs to their home for the purpose of bringing the entire structure up to Standard Building Code. All loans are based on a 3% fixed interest rate and applicants are qualified in-house. Contact our office for more information at 775-2302 or via email at

Heating and Cooling Repair

This program is designed to help qualified persons in obtaining repairs to existing heating or cooling units. To qualify, please contact Monica Tracy @ 806-775-2706.

Income Guidelines

The link below shows the income guidelines for all programs within the Community Development department.

  • Minor Rehab and Major Rehab Loan programs use income limits at 80%
  • Heating and/or Cooling repairs use the income limits under ESG guidelines.