Community Development Leadership

City Council 

Community Development and Services Board
The Community Development and Services Board (CDSB) serves as an advisory board to the City Council. The board works to provide fair and just representation to all person's within the City of Lubbock in areas of grant funding to various organizations that provide public services while addressing the needs of citizens living in Lubbock. CDSB meetings are open to the public. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at City Hall, 1625 13th Street, Room 103 @ 6:00 pm. Please contact (806) 775-2296 for updates on meetings or cancellations. Meeting agendas can be found at the following:
City of Lubbock Meetings Calendar

  • Bobby Cude, Chair
  • Raquel Gonzales, Vice Chair
  • Byrnie Bass, Secretary
  • Nitra Barnes
  • Bill Curnow
  • Frank Gutierrez
  • Nicholas Muniz
  • Robin Raney
  • Greg Ricks
  • Tami Swoboda
  • Ian "Cole" Watts
  • Chad Wheeler


Urban Renewal Agency / Neighborhood Redevelopment Commission
Studies the need for neighborhood rehabilitation in older sections of Lubbock, and recommends rehabilitation projects to be funded annually by the Federal Community Development Program.

  • Stewart Townsen, Chair
  • Miles Seybert, Vice Chair
  • Lindi Stapp, Secretary
  • Leigh Anne Brozo
  • Amanda Luna
  • Lauren Salter-Mee
  • Jeremy Sedeno
  • Steve Warren
  • Nathaniel Wright