Stage/Technical Services

The stage and technical services are coordinated through the Civic Center Stage/Technical Coordinator by calling (806)775-2258.

Stagehand Rates/Policies
All stage personnel are to be qualified and approved by the Stage/Technical Coordinator.

All calls are based on a four (4) hour minimum. Additional hours are billed at the prevailing rate.

Cancellations require 24 hour notice, and cancellations after that time are subject to a minimum call charge.

A 17% service charge will be added to each labor invoice for handling charges, workman's compensation, unemployment, etc.

Service Rates & Hours
Base Rate (stagehands, loaders, carpenters and wardrobe) $15.00 per hour/4 hour minimum
Labor Supervisor $28.00 per hour/4 hour minimum
Fork Lift Operator $18.00 per hour/4 hour minimum
Climbing Rigger $27.00 per hour/4 hour minimum
Belay Rigger $23.00 per hour/4 hour minimum
Ground Rigger (1 ground rigger required for every 2 climbing riggers) $23.00 per hour/4 hour minimum
Electrician Outside licensed contractor (Dent Electric)
Performance/Rehearsal Rate $65.00 per performance (minimum)
Overtime Rates Between 12 midnight - 8:am & holidays
 Double Time Between 12 midnight - 8:am during holidays
 Department Head $18.00 per hour/4 hour minimum 
A/V Equipment
​There is no charge for the use of audio visual equipment. Use of equipment is subject to availability. There is however a charge for setting A/V equipment.
Equipment Available
40 - Aluminum Easels 8 - Portable Screens
- 10' x 14' Screen 2 - TV/DVD Combinations
1 - 10' x 20' Screen (1/3 Banquet Hall) 13 - AV/Carts
1 - 10' x 10' Screen (2/3 Banquet Hall) 8 - Standing Podiums
1 - 12' x 20' Screen (Banquet Hall west wall) 12 - Table Top Podiums
1 - 24' x 30' Screen (Theater) 1 - Yamaha Grand Piano