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The homeowner or tenant is responsible for maintaining the area from the curb in front of the house to the middle of the alley (or the back property line if there is no alley) free of litter and high weeds. See Figure 1 for image of responsible area that must be maintained.

Tall weeds and rubbish on or adjacent to properties are considered a nuisance. Weeds and vegetation are considered in violation if they are over 8" tall and are uncultivated anywhere on or adjacent to a piece of property. Rubbish such as furniture, appliances, tree limbs, building materials, and other bulky items that are placed in the alley or on property is also a violation of the ordinance. (Figure 2)

Property owners and tenants are responsible for keeping lawns mowed. Failure to do so may result in a citation and/or a bill for mowing if the City cuts the weeds.

Properties that are found to be in violation will be posted by an inspector and a Notice of Violation will be sent regular mail to the property owner listed on the tax records. Property owners will have 7 days from the date the property is posted to take care of the violations that are cited. Properties that are not abated will be assigned to private contractors hired by the City for abatement mowing or hauling off of rubbish.

If you would like to report violations regarding weeds or rubbish, you may submit a request using the “Submit On-Line” button above. Please have an address to describe the property you would like inspected so it may be entered into our computer system for easy reference should you want to call and follow up on the results of the inspection.

Figure 1

Figure 2


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